Located on the Gulf Coast of Alabama, The McCollough Institute and The McCollough Plastic Surgery Clinic are set here in the heart of the Craft Farms Golf Resort. Far from stress, The McCollough Institute offers a wide variety of affordable life enhancement services and products. The Center for Excellence in Nasal & Facial Plastic Surgery is headed up by Dr. E. Gaylon McCollough. The Center for Excellence in Breast & Body Sculpting is directed by Dr. Robert P. Bolling. Dr. Melanie Petro operates within both departments and is director of our Spa and Skin Center. By being a guest at The McCollough Institute you will experience a realm of enhancements from skin analysis, skin support systems, massages for both the face and body, consultations, and natural approaches with our nutritional support systems for the skin and body. Come and visit with us, experience the unexpected luxury here, on the Coast of Alabama.